Are you looking for a reliable and efficient managed print services provider for your educational institution? Look no further! At Techminder, we specialise in offering top-notch print solutions tailored specifically for the education sector.

Our team understands the unique requirements and challenges faced by educational institutions, and we are dedicated to providing high-quality, cost-effective print services that meet your needs. With our state-of-the-art technology and commitment to exceptional customer service, Techminder is your trusted partner in managing all your printing needs.

Contact us today to discover how we can streamline your print operations and help you focus on what truly matters – educating the future generation.  

What makes our managed print solution different?

Our managed print solution is targeted to organisations that want the best performance and more importantly the best value from their reprographics and printing. We can help:

  • Save up to 30% on print costs – lower toner, paper and maintenance costs
  • Improve performance – fully maintained device appropriate printing where you need it, when you need it
  • Take control – the detailed management information, the budget controls and the security systems that put you in charge


The complicated world of Print Management

It’s true. And we admit it. Managed Print Solutions is unlikely to set the pulse racing. A little… ‘dry’ perhaps? Not only that, but the varying volume and cost per page can be confusing even for the most seasoned finance manager. Add to that, a staggeringly diverse range of copiers, with features you will never have heard of, and it’s not surprising that many companies are paying over the odds for a copier that they will never use to its full capacity.

Start to talk about benefits though, the efficiencies, the time and the cost savings (how does a 30% cost reduction sound?) and of course, people’s eyes light up. Suddenly a quick chat about Managed Print Services seems much more attractive. Our team of experts is on hand to help simplify the process for your company. We will:

  • Visit your organisation and monitor your print volume for a period of time.
  • Identify the features of a copier that are most important to you. Do you really need that finisher that nobody knows how to use? Would extra paper trays be a sound investment this time around?

Our calculator will show you how much you could save…

The general lesson is clear: If you print a little, a cheap photocopier can save you money. If you print a lot–or a moderate amount, you should pay extra up-front for a more expensive device. But if your printing usage falls somewhere between light and medium, or if you’re considering two similarly priced choices, how do you decide which printer is the better buy? We’ve built a calculator to crunch the numbers for you.

Our calculator is pre-populated with some of the devices we can offer you and some sample print quantities. You’ll need to supply some information about your printing habits to get an accurate figure for your organisation.

The first step is to estimate how much you print each month. Enter those figures into the cells.

The second step is to supply information about the printers you’re considering. You will need to know the purchase or lease prices.

The final step is to enter the cost per page for the device you are looking at. The costs for our devices are already included.

That’s all the information you need to enter. Our calculator will figure out the cost per page for text documents, colour documents, and photos, and then estimate the cost of that printer over periods of one, two, and three years.

A note for readers who are versed in total cost of ownership: These numbers do not account for the inks that come bundled with or loaded in the printer, nor the cost of paper. Remember, too, that the results from our calculator are necessarily estimates. Even documents of the same type will use different amounts of ink and end up costing different amounts, depending on the specific content they contain.



How much could you save?

Download our cost calculator to see the impact we could have on your organisation.

Support Contracts

Within our industry, the standard service level agreement (SLA) is 4 hours. By choosing to work with us, we guarantee to meet this target. However, we are proud to say that over the last year our average was under 2 hours!

We also offer trained technicians who are also office based and deal with the jobs that can be resolved remotely. We have full remote access to all of your devices using Teamviewer.


Managed Print Service

Techminder offers your business a fully automated monitoring system for all your printing devices. This service will give you a comprehensive, reliable and automated system that will lessen the burden on your staff, whilst lowering costs and reducing down times on all printing devices. This service is free and included on all our contracts.

  • Free Print Audit
  • Automated meter readings for accurate billing
  • Round the clock reports in an instant
  • Toners delivered before you run out
  • 24 hour fault logs
  • Sound good?

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