Taking care of IT

The main benefits of Techminder managing a client’s IT are the peace of mind and reassurance they feel from having a knowledgeable, vastly-experienced and forward-looking team proactively looking after their hardware and systems.

The first step is to visit an organisation to talk and listen carefully to managers and staff so we gain a thorough understanding of their needs and what they want to achieve. It’s vital the optimum IT infrastructure is in place, so we carry out a thorough audit to assess existing networks, Wi-Fi strength, hardware and software and identify what needs updating.

The audit allows us to pinpoint and target anything stopping our client’s IT infrastructure from achieving its full potential or hindering productivity and efficiency.

We produce a report with very clear short and long-term strategies, recommendations and guidance about what needs to be done to address any shortcomings and to create an IT environment which will perform properly.

These strategies are based around realistic budgets and allow our clients to make informed decisions.

Once the plan is agreed, we supply and install all the new IT equipment and systems, using our knowledge and experience to select the best possible products to meet our clients’ needs.

The next step is the transition phase and involves extensive training so our clients feel comfortable and confident using the new equipment and systems. We are also able to react in a proactive way to any issues that arise. Training, which is an on-going process, gives users the confidence to operate in an efficient and effective way. We also aim to support our clients to achieve the ‘Cyber Essentials’ award, which shows they meet the industry-recognised standards of IT security compliance.

Once training is complete and the system is in use, Techminder provides continual support via a service agreement. Clients have the peace of mind and reassurance that the people supporting them are the ones who built their infrastructure from the ground up. They have access to our Helpdesk and know that our caring and personable staff are just a phone call or email message away, ready to act swiftly to sort out any issues which arise. They know they are dealing with highly-qualified IT engineers and that we are a trusted pair of hands they can rely on to look after them.

Moving forward Techminder is able to offer additional services, such as supplying clients’ broadband, mobile phones and laptops. Having a fully managed service means a client’s IT provision is more streamlined, efficient and cost-effective.

Ultimately our aim is to create high-quality, bespoke systems and support for our clients to meet their specific needs. They know their systems are robust and reliable, secure from cyber risks, loss of data and avoidable breaches of data protection laws.

We want them to be able to focus on the main priorities of their job and not to have to worry about any IT issues which might arise. In simple terms, we take care of IT.

And everything we do is underpinned by our core values of providing great value for money, a caring approach, trust, transparency and exceptional levels of service.

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